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Robyn W

I have never been to SLC, but i would like to, does that count........lol


There is a urban style pizza place in downtown SLC. It is called Stoneground. They serve NY style pizza. Oh also... Sunday is all you can eat pizza. You will have to try it if you are a pizza lover!

Cathy Pascual

I've never been to SLC so don't know if this is cheating but I found a USA Today article on the best places to eat! I always research restaurants when traveling to a new city....here's the link:

have fun and eat well :)

all about me

I've never been to SLC but I thought I would write anyway...wishing you a FAB trip!

Kelly R

I've never been to Saly Lake City - so I can't really comment. But I would like o say how happy I am that you are back blogging. And I can't wait to see your new products in stores. Great job. And good luck with your new team!!

V Reed

H'ray, you're back! I felt like I was stalking your blog. :)

My favorite thing about Salt Lake City is flying in, cresting the mountains and cruising over the Great Salt Lake. Of course, the city is fabulous and all, but nothing does it for me like that view out the airplane window.

On the down side, the think I like least is flying out. I just know one day I'm going to be airplane paste on those mountains! :)



Well never been to SLC but I want to plan a trip just to hit the scrapbooking stores-I hear they are awesome. Have a safe trip so glad you are blogging again.



Hi, I've never been to SLC but would like to someday. Hope you have a great time there. Also, great layouts from you designers!


I have never been to SLC but I would love to visit!! Can't wait to hear about your trip!!


My favoite thing about SLC was that we were getting so close to home.

We drove through as we hauled all our stuff from NYC to San Francisco in July. Not a fun journey, I don't recommend it.

But it was cool to stop at the salt flats and run around a little, it looked like we were on the moon.

Have a great trip!


The best thing about SLC is that it's almost to California!

We drove through on our way from NYC to San Francisco hauling all of our stuff - not a fun journey!

We didn't stop in town but had a great time running around on the salt flats. It felt like we were on the moon.

Have a great trip!


Being from Salt Lake City and living there for 30 years some of my favorite restaurants are:
#1 Cafe Rio (hands down the best!)
#2 Red Rock Brewing Co. (love all their food)
#3 Wingers (family place but they have the best Peach Sprite - so the Diet Coke might be good too.)
All of my family lives in SLC and so besides the food I miss, it would have to be my family. The mountains are gorgeous too. Good luck with the weather!
Kim G
Davenport, IA


I have been to SLC a few times and have enjoyed driving the city outskirts. There isn't a particular place that stands out except that there was a buffet called the Chuck-O-Rama which I went to once. Buffets are not my thing but our tour guide loved this place because he was from Australia and Chuck-O-Rama meant vomit where he was from. He could have told us that before we ate!!! Have a fun and safe trip!


One of my favorite things to do in SLC was go to the Temple. The grounds and buildings were just beautiful to see. There is a great mall within walking distance by the Temple to do some shopping. We ate at a restaurant called The Garden on the 10th floor in the Joseph Smith Memorial Building right by the Temple as well. The restaurant has this retractable roof that is open if it's warm enough outside. There are breathtaking views of SLC from the windows. The food was wonderful!!! You have to try the deep fried pickles. I had never tried them before and they were so YUMMY!!! I hope this helps you out.

Dee Dee

The views in Salt Lake and the surrounding areas are magnificent! I remember seeing a station wagon taxi when I was there in the 80s. Stuck me as very funny back then. The streets being all numbers and not many names was also interesting. Enjoy your trip. Glad to see you are back.

~ Dee Dee

Stacey M

I've never been to Salt Lake City before in my life but just had to try to find something interesting...and I did!!! How about this!
If you really want to see Park City, try it from a few thousands feet up. Rise to the elevation of the beautiful Wasatch Mountains, and ride gently above it all. A hot air balloon ride will take your breath away.

Morning Star Balloons
If you delight in stepping out of your day-to-day existence, if you enjoy feeling at one with nature, then please join us and experience hot air ballooning for yourself.
Phone: 435 - 608 - RIDE (7433) - Toll-Free 877 - 685 - 8555

Sounds like fun, maybe!?!?! LOL

But if you ever come to Georgia, I can promise you the best darn diet coke that you have ever tasted. We are the Coke capitol and have a wonderful Coke museum called "The World of Coke" which you will have a blast at. How about tasting numberous different coke products from around the world. Who knew coke made that many products.

Have fun and enjoy!


I've never been to SLC but would love to go and check out all the scrap stores. I have a vision of it being like Seattle with a Starbucks on every corner :)


To me the best thing about SLC is all of the wonderful scrapbook stores!


I've never been to SLC either, but wanted to say have a wonderful trip!



Well first thing comes to mind is the Salt Lake! Yup, you read it right, LOL but I was always curious about the gorgeous natural beauty that Salt Lake has to offer, it's namesake, the lake. It may not mean much to some but for me, it's a serene, beautiful environment that allows me to meditate on life (okay so only been there once but hey, it's something, right?). :)

Oh, and visit some of the gorgeous LDS temples. We had a really awesome one in Portland that always captivated me so definitely that (and I am not LDS either but all the same). :)


I've only been to SLC twice and I have to say, the Scrapbook stores and the beautiful snow cap mountains!

Mary Ann

I think one of the prettiest places to visit in SLC is the Temple. I remember visiting it at night, it was lit up, and was just beautiful!!
I'm not LDS, but, it is an amazing sight to see, no matter what religion!
For a great restaurant, try Christophers Seafood & Steakhouse. It's in downtown Salk Lake, just a short walk from Temple Square. I had their Chicken Cordon Bleu...oh yum!!!
And,if you want something else to do, go visit the Hogle Zoo. I know it wouldn't be the same without Davis with you, but maybe you could check it out for your next visit to SLC with the Family!!
Hope you have a great trip


All the Scrapbook stores......oh the memories of 14 of us driving around the SLC area in a huge van...piling out at each scrapbook store....tossing our bags the back and then finding our way (and getting lost a LOT!!) to the next store!


You'll know first of all that I am a genealogist by my choice of things to do in SLC (besides Temple Square and the associated visitors centers) is the Family History Center! When I went to Park City on a business trip with my husband, I spent HOURS and HOURS pouring over census records, microfiche, and the like while he was hard at work in Park City.
Can you tell that I was a genealogist before I started scrapping? I just think the two things go hand-in-hand... family history and scrapping!! :)
Have fun in SLC! And let us know about that diet Coke. I sure could use one right about now!

Jackie Hyland

The air... Love the air... this time of year in SJC. It is so clean, crispy and fresh and you can see those beautiful snow covered mountains in the distance on a clear day... So take a deep breath, pause for a moment and sniff the air.... and since you live in California you will know what I mean...

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