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Natalie Tran

Hey Tricia....

So happy to hear all the wonderful things happening right now.....I can't wait to see what LDD has in store for us!! You guys NEVER disappoint me with your awesome products!! Can't wait till all the new stuff hits the shelves!!!


So glad to hear that you are back and we are in for more rockin product!


Hoping things continue to work out for you...slowly but surely.

Tamara in Oz :)

Michelle Payne

So glad that you are back! What a lot of mess to clean up. But you sound like you are back on track and I'm sure that EVERYONE will be so thankful to have you back on board. WE all love your products. Can't wait to see all of the new stuff in the stores and created with Michelle Hill's new designs!!!

Welcome back!

Michelle Payne

If you are checking your blog, I've looked around for a link to email you personally but I don't see one. I'm available to help at the Expo in March if you or Michelle needs help. Please email me.


yeah, you are back. It sounds like you have your hands full. I can't wait to see all of the changes. I love Lil Davis stuff and can't wait for new things.



Welcome back!! :)


Yes, glad you are back and running. We have missed the blog but it sounds like you have been very busy. Can't wait to see the new stuff. Love my Lil Davis.



welcome back and much success to rebuilding and staying strong!


Welcome back :) Thanks for the update... I am so glad that things are working out. I can't wait to see the new product.


Phew! So much hard work...and it sounds like you're beginning to see the great results.

I was fortunate to meet Michelle H. at the show - she's awesome!

Mary Ann

I've missed the blog, but I'm glad to hear things are going well for you now.
Can't wait for all the new goodies!!


I'm so excited about the changes. I am sure they will be awesome. I was posting layouts the other day and realized that almost every one of them has Lil Davis products in them. I can't wait to carry all your new lines. You've got a great team with the Michelles! Michelle Hill rocks!


I've never been any farther west than Ohio, but hope to see some of the midwest/west someday. Here's a great website that I found that might have some great suggestions for a variety of entertainment:


Have a wonderful trip! :o)

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