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Beth Dasecke

My favourite scrapbookers are
Karen Ridgeway,Mishell Lancett and Erica Glover.These girls all do the most amazing work.Hope you have a fab Day


I enjoy looking at layouts done by Donna Downey, Becky Thompson, and Cathy Zielske.


Keisha Campbell, Jill Godon, and Wendy Reed....love their layouts! Every time I look at their works, I always want to run and play!

Cathy Pascual

My favorite scrapbookers are Jessica Sprague, Danielle Thompson, Nia Reddy and Annie Weis!


I love Danielle Thompson, Adrienne Nixon, and Ali Edwards. But there are so many more inspiring girls out there!! Cant wait to see who you choose!


ok so my fave aussie scrappers are jen hall, julie love and kim archer and then international fav scrappers are danielle thompson and elsie flannigan
have a great day


Favourite scrapbookers? Mine would have to be Roz James, Erica Glover, Ali Stafford, Ngaire Bartlam, Kim Archer (all Aussies) Ali Edwards, Cathy Z, Donna D and Heidi Swapp also inspire me..and best of all each inspire me in different ways.


Kim Collee

Vicki Boutin, Jen Backler, Ali Edwards, Carolyn Peeler, I know there are so many more but i'm drawing a blank


Kelly Darr, her work is so fun!


I dig Renee's style... look forward to seeing more of her work. :) Juli

Gloria Baures

My favorites are Melodee Langworthy, MeliBean on TwoPeas, and Jamie Waters.


Oh wow...I have to say Kathy Z,Ali and Elsie!! 3 favs..ok an d Rebecca Sower..and so on...and so on.. :)


I love the stories and thoughts that go into Ali Edwards layouts...I also love the spunk in the layouts done by Kelli Crowe.


Maria Grace, Ali Edwards, and Danielle Thompson are my faves.


I like seeing a variety of different scrappers work. I'd say one of my favorites right now is Ali Edwards.


I love Jenni Bowlin's style and Suzi Plantane (sp?).

Amy Alvis

Cathy Zielske, Desiree McClellan, and Jill Beamer among many others!


I love Heidi Swapp, Donna Downey and Michelle Hill!


There are so many! If I had to pick three .... Ali Edwards, Vicki Boutin, and Heidi Swapp.


just love all scrapbookers but my favorites right now are Ali Edwards, Cathy Z, and your very own Michelle Hill


Ali Edwards, Jenni Bowlin and Heidi Swapp


I love Nic Wright, Shirley Chai and Erica Glover. They are so talented.

Cindy McAllister

The scrapbookers that inspire me the most are: Elsie Flannigan, Ali Edwards, and Jenni Bowlin. Oh and Kelli Crow is a great inspiration also.

Sharon K

Joanna Bolick, Rhonna Farrer,
elsie flannigan


Love Ali Edwards, Cathy Z, Jamie Waters and Leah Fung's work. And too many others to list!

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